The Future miss smith

A new play by Anthony Bull
Directed by Caroline Ross
A Bedlamb Theatre Production


“Am I being considered for an upgrade?”

“Well done, Janet, right on the button!

In a world which has emerged from the collapse of the Caucasians, the self-proclaimed Beige inheritors have a subtle and sometimes cruel balancing act to perform.  All miss smith wants is an upgrade – if she concentrates fully on her work and personal development that can’t be too hard……can it?

Darkly funny and unsettling.   Could this be our future?

10th – 21st April 2018 at 7pm (no performances Monday/Sunday)

Tickets £14 (£12 concessions)

Etcetera Theatre

265 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 7BU

Phone:  (020) 7482 4857

Review by London Pub Theatres :

“…the speed with which AI is advancing means that science fiction is fast becoming science fact…What is the future of love/sex/procreation going to look like?

…The ending to this horrible vision of what could lay ahead, a nightmare we must avoid, seemed very abrupt but it gave a powerful conclusion to the play. The final actions of both Miss Smith and Ginny delivered a double whammy for male domination, a nice piece of poetic justice.”