2002: 3 x 1

3 One Act Plays

2002 – Baron’s Court Theatre, London W14

Holy Days – Sally Nemeth

Rosie – Kim Sanger White
Gant – Marios Yiannicou
Will –  Joe Clark
Molly – Valerie Zdyb

Director – Kristin Kirwin
Sound – Rob Widdicombe
Lighting – Don Atherton
Stage – Kath Trust-Bick


Fiat – Joe Pintauro

Kenneth – Asif Channa
Madonna – Saara Tatjana

Director –  Tamsin Curno


Time Flies – David Ives

May – Anna Elizabeth Burns
Horace – Asif Channa
David Attenborough – Mike Stewart

Director – Mike Stewart


“Sally Nemeth’s HOLY DAYS is a stage poem. It is a disturbing elegy for the lost souls in the dying plains of Kansas, 1936, who clung to their blighted homesteads like bees to a poisoned hive. Not as a matter of choice, but of Inevitability….

This is THE GRAPES OF WRATH in reverse. There is not much plot. What there is, is simple and stirring….

There is beauty and wisdom in this little piece….”

Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times

“Small miracles are no less wondrous than their king-size fellows, and Sally Nemeth’s HOLY DAYS…provides at least two pocket miracles.

Imagine a play about Dust Bowl poverty in which nobody says `I reckon’, or even owns a rockin’ chair. Imagine a play about nobility of human spirit that never sentimentalizes its sufferers, that grants them intelligence and bewilderment, even humor…. A miracle…