2003: Three Short Plays

3 Short Plays

2003  –  Baron’s Court Theatre, London W14

Me and My Friend – Gillian Plowman

A black comedy exploring the relationships between two odd couples thrown prematurely out of hospital care.

Bunny – Dermot Dolan
Oz – Joe Clark
Robin – Kim Sanger White
Julia – Valerie Zdyb

Director – Mike Stewart
Lighting – Don Atherton
Sound – Helen Godfrey and Alistair McDonald
Stage – Kath Trust-Bick


Wanda’s Visit – Christopher Durang

After 13 years of marriage, life has become monotonous for Jim and Marsha. That is until an old friend with a troubled history pays a visit and forces the couple to take a long hard look at their marriage.

Jim – Wayne Gidden
Marsha – Geraldine Cottalorda
Wanda – Kristin Kerwin
The Waiter – Asif Channa

Director – Asif Channa


The King and Me – Hanif Kureishi

Marie is obsessed with Elvis. Living on a council estate with her husband Bill she dreams of a better life, if only Bill would win the Elvis Impersonator competition.

Marie – Rudi Symons
Nicola – Pauline Walters
M.C.  – Asif Channa
Bill – Dominic James

Director –  Chris Thomas

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